We seek to drive unprecedented student outcomes by greatly diversifying the people, thoughts, and actions of the educational workforce in the Greater Boston Area and beyond.

Origin Story

About Our Co-Founders: As students, co-founders Devin Morris and Jabari Peddie can count on one hand the number of educators of color (EOC) they had in lead teacher roles throughout their PreK-12 education. Neither co-founder was represented in the teaching field at that time. Their academic identities were not shaped by adults with shared experiences and understanding.

As adults, both Devin and Jabari were school leaders and New York City transplants, seeking to diversify talent pools at their respective schools, in a city they knew possessed EOC, but kept being told they simply did not exist. They realized what they were seeking in Boston, they must create.

What started as a listserv of 100 educators of color back in 2018, has grown to well over 1,300 educators of color, and friends across the Commonwealth.




Evelyn Jean-Louis

Director of Learning & Development

Titciana Barros

Director of Community and Culture

Devin Morris

Co-Founder + Executive Director

Elena Milius

Chief of Staff


Ivanna Solano​

Ivanna is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Love Your Magic. Ivanna has been a long-standing Advisory Council member and supporter of TTL.


Shay Edmond​

Shay is the Vice President of the Northeast at TNTP.

Yvette Philip

Yvette is the Director of Finance and Administration at Scratch Foundation.

Chantei Alves

K2 Inclusion Teacher & Angela Wilkins Fellow at Carroll School, and a member of TTL’s Advisory Council.

Devin Morris

Co-Founder + Executive Director of The Teachers’ Lounge

Advisory Council


Chantei Alves​

K2 Inclusion Teacher & Angela Wilkins Fellow

Carroll School

Edverette Brewster​

Leadership Coach

Lynch Leadership Academy

Advisory Board Web

Sonya Dhanpat

Director of Recruitment 

Boston Public Schools


Antonelli Mejia​


Sarah Greenwood K-8


Efe Osifo

Middle School Dean of Equity & inclusion

Noble & Greenough

Ivanna Solano

Executive Director

Love Your Magic

Our Supporters

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